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Tele Med
Terms & Conditions

1. Important Notes

1.  Our Telemedicine services do not provide any emergency services or care for acute medical conditions or where treatment/ diagnosis in-person is required.If you are having a medical emergency, please call 995 for an ambulance or go to the nearest accident and emergency department immediately.

2. You shall not use the Telemedicine Services for mental health consultation, treatment, care, or service. Kindly call Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) at 1800 221 4444 for further assistance.

3. The average waiting time to connect with Your Healthcare Provider is 10 minutes.

4. While we endeavour to provide you with a smooth and efficient Telemedicine experience, we do not provide any warranty or guarantee that your experience with us would be free from any kind of technical errors or interruptions.

2. Informed Consent

1.  During your Telemedicine consultation, You may be required to provide details of your medical and health history to the Healthcare Provider. Information may be discussed with you via the interactive video, audio and/or other telecommunications technology, and a physical examination may be performed through these technologies.

2. The Telemedicine Services you receive are not intended to replace a doctor-patient in-person relationship. You are expected to conduct your own self-assessment and evaluate whether the Telemedicine Services are suitable for your own medical needs and exercise an informed decision to use the Telemedicine Services. 

3. There are some potential and inherent risks associated with the remote healthcare services, including but not limited to: - 

a) Technical limitations (e.g. poor resolution of images, poor lighting or sound, colour inconsistencies) which may result in inaccuracy and inadequacy of transmitted information to enable the Healthcare Provider to make appropriate healthcare assessments. 
b) Failures of the electronic equipment, data transmission or poor internet connection which may cause delays in evaluation, diagnosis or treatment.

c) Inaccurate evaluation or diagnosis which may be caused by reliance on self-measurement and reporting of symptoms, and lack of in-person medical examination. 

d) In rare instances, lack of access to all Your latest medical records may result in adverse drug interactions, or allergic reactions, or other judgement errors. 
e) In rare instances, security protocols could fail, resulting in a breach of privacy of confidentiality or personal data protection. 

4. By choosing to use the Telemedicine Services, you acknowledge that you are fully aware and informed of all potential and inherent risks associated with such remote healthcare services and agree not to hold Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic and our doctors responsible for any misdiagnoses, acts or omissions committed in the course of the provision of the Telemedicine Services which arise from the occurrence of such risks.

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